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Orihime's Gift

In the soul society, a portal opened and BlazingInferno18 came flying through it and crashing into a tower, he said "Damn. I need to be more careful next time." Then there was a massive explosion, he turned around and saw yellow rietsu flying in the air, BlazingInferno18 reached into his cloak and had a look in his notebook, then he saw Soul Reapers running right past, then he said "Damn. Almost forgot." In a flash, he was wearing soul reaper clothes and he said "That's better, now let's see yellow rietsu." He  was flipping through his pages and then he saw Ichigo Kurosaki running right past him, he said "Hey. Mr. Kurosaki. What are you running from?" Ichigo said "Him!" He ran for it and then BlazingInferno18 saw a massive shadow over him, he turned around and saw Zaraki Kenpachi (11th Squad Captain) Standing right there, then he said "Oh...Poopy." Kenpachi said "What's this? Want to fight?" BlazingInferno18 said "Um..." He reached to his side for his sword, but it was gone, he said "Where is it?" Then he heard laughing, he looked up and saw Yachiru (11th squad lieutenant) holding his sword, he said "Hey kid. Give back my sword." Yachiru then grabbed a brick and threw it at BlazingInferno18, he then had a nose bleed and then said "You're dead now you little..." But then Kenpachi said "What was that?" Then BlazingInferno18 slowly turned around and said "Um...nothing." Kenpachi smiled at BlazingInferno18 and then BlazingInferno18 said "Mommy!?" Then there was a massive explosion and BlazingInferno18 went flying and then he crashes into the ground and was unconscious.

An hour later, he woke up and saw Orihime Inoue in her school uniform healing him, he said "Who're you?" She said "I'm Inoue Orihime. Nice to meet you Mr..." He said "Call me BlazingInferno18." Then Orihime had finished healing him and he said "Thank you. Orihime." He then looked at her breasts and then Orihime said "Something wrong?" BlazingInferno18 said "Oh um...nothing. You know that power of yours, I had this for a while." He showed her a bracelet similar to her hair piece, he said "With this...It'll increase your powers. Use it wisely..." He turned around and said "Well I'm off. See ya." He disappeared and Orihime then put the bracelet on her wrist and then she felt more power going through her body, she was amazed at first and then Ichigo appeared and said "Inoue. Time to go home." Orihime nodded her head and then Ichigo opened a gateway back to karakura town, they both walked through and then arrived back at karakura town, but then Ichigo spotted Hollows attacking, he said "Inoue. Use your Santen Kesshun if they get too close." She nodded her head and then Ichigo said "BANKAI! Tensa Zangetsu!" He had transformed into his bankai form and attacked the hollow, then as he was fighting, a hollow appeared in front of Inoue about to attack her and then she said "Santen Kesshun, I reject!" She created a shield and as the hollow hits the shield, he was vaporised, then Orihime felt the power going through her and then without her noticing, her breast grew a little and she gained a bit of height, she was standing 6ft 5inches, she didn't realize the change and her clothes tightening, as she was watching Ichigo, then three hollows got past Ichigo and he said "Inoue! Look out!" She kept her shield out and then as the hollows hits the shield, they were vaporised and then, her school uniform was reaching its point as two buttons popped off, and then her skirt raised showing her panties a bit now, she said "That was an odd feeling. Oh well." Then Ichigo said "Getsuga...Tenshou!" He swing his sword around and killed the rest of the hollows, he landed back on the ground and transformed back to normal, but then he saw Orihime's clothes shorter and seeing her panties a bit, Orihime said "We should get back to school now." She started running back to school and Ichigo saw she had a bigger bum, then he slapped himself and said "Come on Ichigo. Those hollows have taken a beat out of you." He then walked into school.

As Orihime and Ichigo was in their classroom, BlazingInferno18 appeared outside and saw Inoue has bigger breast and looks taller, he said "Look's like it's working. Time to speed up things." He clicked his fingers and then Orihime's bracelet started glowing, then she felt a warm sensation around her chest and then saw her breasts started growing, she started panicking and tried to hide it, but then she started growing and her clothes started ripping and then her shirts buttons all popped off and then Ichigo saw Orihime trying to hide and then Ichigo leaned over and said "Inoue...are you alright?" Inoue said "Yeah. Yeah. I'm..." But then there was a massive rip on the back of her shirt and then Ichigo said "Inoue. What's wrong?" And then he saw Inoue growing from her desk, she then got out of her desk and then her humongous breasts hits Ichigo around the face making him go flying through the class, everyone then looked at Inoue and ran for it, she still continued growing and then her shirt was gone, showing a purple bra, straining to hold back her huge breasts, then Ichigo got up and then had a nose bleed, he said "Inoue!? What's happening to you?" She said "I don't know." Then the floor started creaking and then her legs went through the floor, to the bottom floor, and then her skirt was ripped off her hip, and then Ichigo attempted to run for it, until Orihime's breast just blew out of the bra and then crushes Ichigo onto the wall, then Inoue's arms went flying out of the classroom into the hallways and through the classes, then her head smashed through the roof and her breast went flying through the classroom, she then stood up, standing over 60ft with TTT cups, she looked around and said "Kurosaki-Kun?" Then she saw Ichigo at the end of her breast and he said "God, I'm in pain...But I'm so happy." Inoue said "Sorry. Kurosaki-Kun." Ichigo fell off her breasts and said "How the hell did it happen?" Inoue said "I don't know." Ichigo said "Don't worry. Urahara will help. Stay put." She then sat down and destroyed the whole entire school, Ichigo then said " should come with me for now." She got up and then tripped up, Ichigo said "No. No. NO!!!!" Then he was crushed by Inoue's huge breast, in a distance BlazingInferno18 was sitting down and then felt an earthquake, he stood up and saw Inoue a giant, he said "Well...My jobs done here." Then someone said "Really?" BlazingInferno18 gulped, slowly turned around and saw Kenpachi standing there, he said "...Mommy?" And then BlazingInferno18 went flying into the distance.

The End
This is my new story of a BE & GTS and my next victim was Inoue Orihime...I ended up having a broken nose in this have a read
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Elemental699 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
they say you learn something new everyday, but i learned 2 things:

1. dont insult Yachiru

2. Who knew Orihime's undies were purple?
BlazingInferno18 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
nazhana95 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like u called your save Blaze rather than BlazingInferno18 when u talk to Orihime
BlazingInferno18 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010
yh :)
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